Give it Away

Take a second, and look at the header image for today (you might have to go back to Social media for it if you’re not reading this from a feed) Is this a picture of two elephants touching, or is it a wooden fence panel? I see both, but imagine one: the female on the left (smaller eye) nuzzling up against her older, battle-scarred partner, his right eye damaged years ago in a fight.

Amazing how we see stuff differently, isn’t it?


Lots of stuff looks different from here today. It’s not epoch-making or anything, just a realisation of things that have been happening for a while. When your job is self-improvement, there are days when that can seem fairly daunting, especially when you are not that great of communicating with the people closest to you. I find it a continuing irony that, as a writer, things always fall down first in personal relationships.

To unlearn habits that have been in place for decades is a tough ask, but it is possible. That’s why when I hear stories of famous people’s spectacular bad habits and the belief by some they are incapable of change, there’ll be a very special kind of understanding taking place. If it matters enough, if it is something you want to do, then nothing should stop that from taking place.

The only roadblock to progress is yourself.

Between the 9th and the 27th, the problem was all physical. Between the 27th and yesterday, it was mental. Understanding where you lack is all well and good, but until those pieces are placed in a coherent picture, until you understand what it is you are looking at… nothing changes. Absolutely not one part of the equation matters. Having an answer is irrelevant until you comprehend why that is.

Logic leaps are a tough ask.


Knowing you’re the problem is great and everything, but fixing that can be hard and painful. During this difficult time therefore, please try and be a bit more understanding. I realise not everything is an excuse for self-congratulation either. That’s why having well-mandated, carefully set-out goals is important. Making things work is as much about establishing a routine as it is putting in the effort.

Time to redress the balances.

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