Dangerous Game

Ah, the 5am migraine. I’d forgotten these were a thing when I exercise late at night and don’t eat properly. Won’t forget again. NOPE, not gonna let that be a thing any more.

I got really upset yesterday, about a lot of things, but none of them were actually important. That conclusion needed to be arrived at by myself, however: then I spent a while craving reassurance because this is how parts of my trauma manifest. It’s take about a year, but brain can now at least be objective enough to start looking at situations and applying the counselling skills that I was taught.

Then I went and rode a bike and realised how much of a gulf physically there is between me two years ago and now. There’s a lot more muscle on this version, which pleases me greatly, but far less stamina still than was around when Ride London was completed. Today we’re going to start fixing that too, without massive emotional flounce and lots of stressy whining. I’m not going to tell anyone what I’m doing every five minutes either.



Today I’ve also noticed some stuff in something that was supposed to be sent out today that needs changing, so we’re gonna do that ahead of everything else and then worry about getting everything realigned at the weekend. Again, it’s not like I’m going anywhere and these things are becoming increasingly important. There is also the business of recording some audio and maybe making poetry look like a play.

Lots to do, so little time, let’s get going.

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