Your Place

I worked quite hard last week.


However, as we discussed yesterday, that wasn’t why I was tired, or else that 5k walk yesterday would have been a slog. The 45 minutes I did on Zwift wasn’t horrendous either, far from it. Yesterday’s solution was in letting my brain stop stressing about everything and anything it could find to be frustrated about. I played some video games, even designed a new home. 

The problem yesterday was letting go of the stuff I could do nothing about.


I cannot get a new phone until my contract runs out in November. The inconvenience that I can no longer play PokemonGo on it will just have to be accepted. Everything else can be covered by another device. There is no magic money tree, and the one in Animal Crossing will also have to wait until I have my own Switch, which is looking like birthday time in October, assuming all this shit has then passed…

That means reorganising myself and everything else around me to accommodate these changes in plans. We have previously established how wank I am at such things. It will eventually get easier. Until then, therefore, there are new displacement activities, lots of focus on eating healthily and pushing the exercise envelope, and not worrying too much about the rest of the stuff I continue to be unable to influence at all.

This week, we fix the things that can be changed.


Let’s see how much of today’s plan we can accomplish as a starting point.

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