Before the Dawn


I love this .GIF, but it bothers me greatly, because if you’re paying attention the plug prongs don’t line up with the sockets. They need to be that way however so the visual joke lands first time. Life is never as simple as many people paint it as being; the complexities involved, to make everything function correctly, are often mind-blowing. It is also a continued surprise what people will tolerate as acceptable.

There’s going to be a lot of indignation today over wording. That pleases me greatly, speaking as a part-time pedant and full time champion of words. It is ALWAYS about the language: how it makes people feel and act, crucially react to the world around them. There’s a song by Frank Turner that I only in the last few years came across for the first time, which sums up the emotional resonance rather well.

It isn’t just words for him of course, but words in songs.


This is also poetry, but not ‘proper’ poetry, just the same as there’s only one true Star Trek series and the right way to serialise Jane Austin. Everything has a fandom, and I’ve promised my mutual Penny I’ll write a sequence of poems especially for her at some point on how utterly redonkeylous all of that is in terms of being right. Happiness should never be about winning, and yet somehow that’s what it’s become.

There should never be a right way to express joy. You should just feel it.


Everybody is different, and that adage that you can’t please everyone is so unbelievably relevant at this moment as to be almost ridiculous. This isn’t about what people are saying, it’s what’s NOT being said that matters more, and if you watch how ineptitude is steering us towards almost certain disaster, it is very easy to walk away. You just read what you’re given, and then choose to believe it or not.

The inescapable, inevitable truth is that COVID never ends as a threat to the vulnerable until everybody is vaccinated, and the playing field is levelled. That’s the hard, scientific reality. Anybody trying to pretend this isn’t truth is an idiot. That includes our Government right now, the same one that promoted street parties and may now trigger a second wave of new infections.

All this to celebrate people who gave their lives to preserve our freedom to be dumb.

Yeah, good work everybody.

Nobody is taking anything seriously any more, and it all boils down to words. I’m a writer, and I’ll stand and fall by the words I use. What matters more than politics, pedantry and preconceptions are lives: lost to stupidity, through ignorance and because we refuse to think about humanity before everything else. Maybe those are the words that need to change before anything else can, or will get better.

What I believe should not matter as much as how I act.

If things really matter, rethink your language appropriately.

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