The Departure

There are a bunch of Twitter people, out here /points who appear to have evolved as a weird hybrid of human being and motivational action poster. All they do is post single sentence observations on life, often with no discernable means by which you can tell if they are either real or AI. They seem to be American in the main, which might explain a few things, on reflection. I’ve crossed swords with a fair few in my time.

Accusing them of being AI is often a good way to reveal the person behind the generic frontage: it becomes more apparent when you don’t just blindly accept the follow, but dig deeper into their likes and retweets. I like my Twitter with obvious depth and breadth, because eventually it becomes apparent who the real people are, and who it is trying to be something else.

You’ll now be wondering why this blog post has begun as it has.


I’m getting tired of the gallows humour, people. If all you can reasonably present as means of surviving the horror story we find ourselves within is a stream of intelligent but ultimately hastily considered gags as response? It’s not helping. Yeah, everybody can see how clever you are, and we can all share the responsibility of feeling briefly better, but this is not going to fix the situation.

We’ve become nothing but frontage, just like the Aspirational One-Liner People: true anger and fear no longer seem to matter. I KNOW everybody is tired, and it’s not going to get any easier, but holding government to account needs to happen in better ways than your smart 280 letter interpretation of the new social distancing rules. I know that did your ratio no end of good by posting it, but I thought you were better than that.

We need people to stand up and call accountability, not to just point and laugh.


More and more people are showing their true colours as time goes on: they are only interested in their own well-being (perfectly acceptable in these times when nobody else seems to give a fuck about staying in and saving lives) which also means focusing on their own interests and feelings. Except, that’s not a good mindset either for good mental health or to support others who may feel as if they need your help.

I’ve taken to having a rant first thing on Twitter, every few days, normally following an outburst of Government stupidity. This explains the sizable drop in personal account followers over the last six months but frankly, I don’t care. This is what you get now, I’ve laid out the change in direction enough times, it really should not come as a surprise… but then I wonder how much attention the World pays to each other when it is clear how people meltdown online, apparently without anyone noticing.

I’m doing my best at present to offer help and support where possible.


Nothing is ever perfect in life, but you can try your best to make your surrounding spaces more comfortable and conducive. Although I appreciate dealing with the world by only using single sentences is one way to approach the Apocalypse, it is not a lifestyle choice that will ever truly appeal. I’m looking for more direct means of support and understanding.

The loneliness is real as a result.

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