Shut Up

It is now unavoidable, and I’m not sure how to feel about it, but WordPress is now telling me, like it or not, everybody gets the new editor and likes it. It was WOEFUL the last time I tried it, but by the look of things now simple text is a thing of the past, because you already lost interest two lines ago and are looking for distraction. I really do hate notional progress.

oh look at this
three lovely GIFs
and no coding required

However, this is a fairly important step forward, because over there to my left, in the ‘Blocks’ menu, is one marked as ‘Premium Content’ which does suggest that there is now the opportunity to use the Work Website as a portal for paying subscribers (i.e.; Patreon users) which okay, I’ll accept is sufficient to take off the curmudgeon hat for.

Listen to my Places of Poetry Interview from June 2019

If I were one of those people who ascribe to fate throwing you a cheeky wink from time to time? This is probably a big deal. Who am I kidding, this is ABSOLUTELY a big deal, and will allow some subtle improvements to my site going forward. Probably the biggest one going forward, however, is this block:

Who Knows...?

Everyone is struggling at the moment;
might be a correct statement
but really isn’t well-meant
as way to make me calm:
I understand uncertainty
always constant, part of me
who struggled going out before
you lot got stuck at home.
This time it’s not just me afraid
so many of you worried
time all those armchair experts
redefined beliefs.
It’s not just you that’s frightened
panicking, not sleeping well:
always someone worse off
what if you were alone;
things are pretty tough right now
let’s face it all, together strong;
mental health’s importance raised
collective issues, owned.
Listen, watch your language,
open up with empathy
kindness costs us nothing
donations given free:
that mate you’ve not heard from
message colleagues, relatives
nobody escapes this thing
and no-one stays the same.
Everyone can change the way
we deal with mental illness
all of us possess those skills
kindness, with concern:
find the time to lend an ear
make somebody’s moment
find the time to listen;
who knows what you’ll learn.

Time to have a fiddle with these changes in situ, and see what I can find of use…

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