People should know when they’re conquered...

I refuse to lie down. It is perfectly okay to be angry, sad, frightened and uncertain. Internalising is dangerous: take it from someone who knows this only too well. The key here is for the antagonists to beat resistance down by any means necessary. Romans were baddies remember, destroying thousands of lives under the auspice of civilization.

Sometimes, it isn’t about giving in. Bending the knee is not necessary. You can help each other and not expect a reward. All of this, plus so much more is wrapped up in the concept that only one way is right, which is the one dictated by those in charge… except when that set of rules doesn’t work for them, and terms need to be altered…

People should never stop fighting until their last breath, or really what was the point of living in the first place?

Some people don’t like to lose. They think that being proved wrong is losing too. Defending their friends is considered as honourable, even if their actions are despicable. If your ethical code is inherently flawed, nothing is ever really going to look good when scrutinised. Eventually, everybody works out that the Emperor is naked, and you’re screwed.

What’s all this about? I hear you wonder: sure it might ring bells with current affairs, but that’s not my point. Speaking as someone who, once upon a time, put a metaphorical bullet in her own ethical code, defending the indefensible is a waste of everybody’s time. Admit you’re wrong, and accept the blame.

If you’re copying inherited behaviours because that’s how you were bought up? Time to unlearn. It can be done, but the longer that’s left, the harder it gets. Trust an expert on this. You may think everything is great right now, but the day all those carefully-placed conceits finally fall, and you’re under them all, it will take all you are to survive the impacts.

I refuse to allow my past to dictate the future.

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