Comfortably Numb

Nobody watched that last video I made. Not one person. That’s the trouble with metrics, they tell you who’s listening, like it or not, so when that thing you’ve worked on for three weeks goes out into the world, you know what’s going on. It tells me exactly who is reading this, or listening to my Twitter feed.

In the future, you know exactly how popular you are, and how if you chose it would be easy just to sweep all that shit it would be easier to ignore under the carpet and move on. Except, that fails to factor in that moment when suddenly everybody does want to read your stuff or consume your content. Then it all comes out in the wash.

That’s why we who do all this every day need to be honest about processes.

This isn’t about other people. It is ALWAYS about you, the process of growth as a human being. My biggest single issue with stuff like this is the complete lack of response that inevitably results when posting content that nobody sees: it’s just part of the process. You cannot expect 24/7 praise and adoration, it’s just not sustainable.

On the flip side, once you produce something that garners the ire of someone, or increasingly a group of well-programmed Eastern European robots, the desire to share can fall through the floor. That’s the other side of this coin: desperate for feedback or input, what happens if that doesn’t go the way you anticipated? How do you bounce back in that situation?

You keep doing the miles. That’s the game, forward motion by whatever means possible, and if your immortal soul is damaged along the way, one could reasonably argue it is the price one pays for exposure. We could spend an awful lot of time debating how cruel and unfair the world is, but it won’t change the basic, underlying principle that if you stand where people can see you, and say stuff you like but they don’t, there is an inevitable consequence.

The bigger issue undoubtedly is that discourse is broken. It’s been that way since Brexit in this country and now a Government who thought everybody would forget their fuck up because that’s what happened before is waking up to the reality of what results when emotion supersedes action. You don’t just pretend stuff never took place then move on. Some actions destroy emotional trust forever.

We’re all living and breathing that now. It won’t go away. It’s never going away as the truth of this Government’s incompetency becomes increasing difficult to simply ignore: when the Second Wave of infections cripples the NHS in a couple of months time because shops were opened in an attempt to deflect attention away from that stupidity, one hopes there might be an alternative to living hell.

However, that doesn’t happen. We can’t have a General Election if it could infect thousands more people. What we can do however is grow long memories and not forget just how staggeringly incompetent these people were that many, many people voted in to do so… and when the time comes, make a change that might facilitate an overall shift in consciousness.

Never forget just how interaction matters to each one of us.

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