There is an awful long way to go until ‘things’ are ‘better’. I think we can all agree that the quiet, understated means by which a number of contentious statues have been removed over the last 24 hours shows at least some people have considering the consequences of doing nothing. Listening to the Bristol Chief Constable justifying his actions in policing yesterday was a breath of fresh air.

Then Boris got really upset and suddenly a lot of us became really rather determined that this shit is stopped, once and for all. History is everybody’s to share and experience as they see fit. You don’t get to glorify murderers or idiots, and revering people comes with some very specific caveats. It takes a long time to become a saint, for a damn good reason, but maybe the Church isn’t really a shining example to hold up in the wider context.

Abuse takes many forms. It helps to recognise it, and when it has happened to you for a sustained period of time, that becomes quite easy. For those of you lucky enough to live in the rarefied areas of abuse-free existence, spotting people who could potentially be avoided is largely akin to being able to see a giant, red flashing dot appear above their heads whenever they speak.

Trust me, its something you will always be grateful for.

This is your scheduled reminder that life is not supposed to be easy. This is the whole point: if you’re sitting, bored right now, thinking that the world owes you something? That’s not how this works. This is not how ANY of this will work going forward either. The truth is that life in general has now changed for EVERYBODY in a position of privilege.

If you’re here, thinking this is all just going to blow over?

Time to read the room.

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