It’s Raining Again

Something happened on Sunday that peaked yesterday and I fractured. There is a piece of existence, still white-hot, on the other side of this room, that once cooled will never see the light of day again. It will be wrapped in newspaper and recycled, because other people can now be the ones who own my deceit and not me. I’m tired of talking and certain people ignoring through wilful ignorance.

So, last night I had a bit of a clear out. I will miss some people, but not others. There were also, quite obviously, some people who were genuinely afraid of what I was posting. Those who can see past the books and the films and the merchandise will now grasp just how you can be seduced by a concept before it destroys you.

This is going to be an interesting time for a lot of people.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to suddenly focus on this ahead of everything else. I have still got everything else well in hand. THIS however is intensely personal to me, hugely so, for reasons that won’t be shared. That’s how the world works now. You can say no. I’m saying that to a lot of things as well today: dead wood’s being cleared out. I need to have people who talk to me, and who don’t stay silent.

Silence is complicity. So what if you’re not on Social media right now? Yeah, sorry about that because lots and lots of other people are, and a lot of them are very upset and angry for lots of good reasons. Also, more crucially, I’m not gonna be there to +1 your own audience numbers if you’re following or being enthusiastic about someone who just used their platform on Twitter to attack thousands of innocent people…? I don’t care what house you’re sorted into. That’s just wrong.

Your hero turned out to be a villain.

Marketed concepts are not your family. You are no longer beholden to public holidays named after murderers. The world is moving pretty fast right now and as it does, history will remember the brave, the righteous. It will look at the white saviours and point out, in passing, that their time was coming to an end.

Money will no longer guarantee you the sanctity of righteousness.

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