It’s good to know I’m not the only person who is angry. There are lots of reasons for it, not just the Wizard Thing. I get annoyed at stupidity, in all of its forms, and this week has been absolutely staggering for white, middle-class people wandering into shit and trying to pretend they care. They won’t right up to the point they get adversely affected, then it’ll all kick off.

I know how this works. It’s the same way it always does: it couldn’t possibly be ME at fault. I give to charities. I recycle religiously. It’s those ignorant, stupid people over there doing the criminal damage and causing the civil disobedience. Oh please do fuck off with the sanctimony and realise that your life is not supposed to be easy. That’s the point of being alive.

You have to work at it.

I can point at a number of people I intentionally no longer follow whose ridiculous pontification on their own views was enough to finally send me running screaming from the rambling. I like authenticity in my work, which means a very healthy dose of ‘you have to THINK to read this’ because if all I’m getting from someone is their pomposity, what do I learn?

Well, that’s easy. Waffle makes it look like the world’s got nothing to do with them. It might well be the case too, all the care they seem to give for such things. You can still love video games, and talk about them objectively, and even be critical of design choices without looking like you don’t give a fuck about anything else. However, it isn’t easy.

It is time to do the fucking work, people.

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