Decks Dark

It’s been a depressing couple of days, all told. Yesterday’s collective amazement at just how much right wing vitriol exists in this country should not be nearly as substantive as it is. Hearing this morning that trans rights are about to be attacked is exactly as David says above, an easy swipe at a target many ‘normal’ people will agree with. After all, if that lovely writer doesn’t like them, we can agree with her without fear.

This is going to be a long fight. Time to choose your allies.

I was up early, for a Sunday, walking this morning, realising that the only way things genuinely improve is if I push myself. Sure, I can’t change certain stuff but the things I can are well within reach now. It needs a concerted effort to start educating others, and myself. There are books on race to buy, and trans history. These things matter, and will be done.

On top of that I feel I have worked out a way to maintain a work/life balance that will operate successfully going forward. That means doing exercise before anything else, starting today. Fortunately on that front I have a new toy that I’ve been after for about four years, about to go up on the wall outside the house. It is time to finally move out of this part of my life and pull my way up to the next crossroads.

Everybody needs to be stronger for the fight ahead. I know a lot of people are tired, utterly get that feeling. To survive, we will become better, and smarter, and these people will NEVER be allowed to win because if life is to be worth living, it will include everybody around the table and not just the people a select few decide are worth their time.

When the time comes, we will be ready.

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