You and me are gonna talk a bit more going forward, mostly because I feel I may have done you an injustice over the last six months or so. Looking back on the end of January, how optimistic I was for this year going forward and looking at now… it’s a completely different world. That’s no bad thing, of course, however much other people might malign the change.

I walk past pubs and restaurants who never got around to updating external advertising. It’s still February for some, Spring for others. Their worlds just stopped, whilst other places have undergone almost grotesque transformations. Twitter is becoming unrecognizable from the place that used to be. This week has been truly horrific.

I sometimes wonder whether the people that call themselves my friends have ever asked me outright if that is the case. Those who I respect and follow from distance are always considered as ‘mutuals’ and will be referred to as such in conversations with others. I watch behaviour from some and wonder, do you really understand what friendship means?

There’s a worryingly thin line now between respect and abuse. It takes only one idiot to ruin it for everybody, and when there are such people running countries, it is perhaps no wonder we’re all as fucked as is undoubtedly the case. Leadership right now is lacking, in so many places. No-one is actually prepared to take responsibility for their actions. In that case, at least, I can own my shortcomings.

It is so easy to fall back into the comfort of old habits without learning anything. Not any more. I am done with certain paths of my life. Twitter is going to become an indispensable tool going forward, but not for the reasons that were first true. I did only aver come to share and to try and find people who understood what I am.

Then, it became a place where it was possible to understand the consequences of my actions, that if there was to be any success in a wider world, some cold, hard truths would need to be accepted and embraced. Now that’s finally happening, it is time to move forward yet again.

Here is where the real work begins.

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