I knew who this was. I’d upset him somewhere else and so this was his revenge. I have an email from him as well, desperately trying to get me to be ‘friends’ again, telling me he’d been undergoing mental health counselling and that was why he’d been so awful. If you truly think this shit will work, you came to the wrong woman.

This person’s still on Warcraft twitter, like that guy who I also have an email from, and that girl who decided to be an enabler… because people are fucking stupid, and all that matters is them. I am, AND NEVER WILL BE people, and that’s why people get upset when I shut them down and won’t be their friend online.

The fact that I won’t be your friend is a good thing.

I’m not asking you to be a professional, there are not rules to be followed but honestly, being an adult is a good start. Also, if you won’t respect my boundaries when they are laid down, that’s a red flag and a half. There are many, superb reasons why people don’t get in my DM’s any more: yes, I will bite your hand off. I’m not here to fulfil your fantasies or empower your progress up the ladder.

I’m here to work. Twitter is where I get my ideas. I use what other people say and over time it distils into everything that’s written or produced. So, you don’t shit where you work, that’s the rule here. I’m in a happy, loving relationship and will never need anything as extras. All you people letting your sexual emotions rule the Tweet button? NOPE.

However, I should warn you. I am quite angry right now.

Last night I recalled a conversation between the person who cured me of my belief that if you spoke to people on Twitter, they must be your friends. This person who had edited my work for a couple of years, suddenly filling my DM’s with the assertion that I was stepping on them to be more famous. All this was instigated by a pretty famous streamer, as I recall, someone whose shitty behaviour got him a decent gig in the end.

Most of my dirt was never screenshotted, which I regret. If your faves are being this mean and cruel to me, there will be others. There always are. Even if you play it as part of the ‘brand’, the truth is that if you’re unable to respect someone else’s attitude or approach to the thing you do, and you consider that as being either wrong or bad because yours is the right way? PART OF THE PROBLEM.

This won’t be the last time there’s a reckoning over bad behaviour, that’s for sure. If you have anything to hide in a position of power, the truth comes for everybody eventually.

It’s how you deal with it when it does that matters most of all.

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