The Departure

Modern life right now is pretty hard work. It is easy to see why so many people really can’t be bothered, would rather be out shopping, pooping on a beach or getting off their faces with their mates. It’s easier than dealing with the consequences of what is going to destroy us all in the end: ourselves. After months of being forced to confront our demons, everybody just wants to run away.

It’s not just race either, a lot of subjects that weren’t really up for discussion before Lockdown are now on the table. Attitudes are shifting faster than most extremists can keep up with. Being tech-savvy has never been more important: could YOU tell a real tweet from a fake…? Oh, and truth. Yeah, the reality of modern life is coming at some people extremely fast indeed.

Knowing you are part of the problem, that you have contributed to it before, but will never do so again is an extremely significant step forward in my life. I don’t recall at any point ever being this comfortable with a process, either: I have to change. This isn’t up for discussion or negotiation either. The ONLY way the world alters is when I am there, making sure it does.

I know where to go to do this too, that was previously not immediately clear to me. The paths which before were unmarked and overgrown are amazingly beginning to beckon me, in directions that would not previously have been considered. Next week will be a watershed. I have an important email to write tomorrow, with my big business trousers on.

You are the arbiter of the journey. Nobody else. Just you.

Intellectual superiority is an insidious, disturbing thing. It extends into so much of my life that to point out when people are being self-absorbed, arrogant wankers has, in the last couple of weeks, pretty much become a full-time job. Exposing smart people who think they are somehow above all of this, or better, is beginning to reap some tangible alteration on a wider stage.

It also shows, as bunches of right wing activists take their narrow-mindedness off to Parler that many won’t ever listen. That’s fine, because if they carry on sacrificing themselves to the Twitter Gods, it proves they really don’t understand the wider changes at play. The future is not your white bread, class-based ecosystem. A Revolution really is on its way.

The Planet itself has decided we don’t get to dictate terms any more.

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