My brain is different today. I feel slow. Fortunately there’s a reason for this that makes sense: the menopause continues to wreak havoc on normal days. I trained the hardest last night than has been the case for three months. My voice has dropped… probably an octave because of the former, my arse is killing me due to the latter. There’s always a reason.

However, improvement is obvious. Patreon is slow, measured vindication in progress. I am altering approach, slowly but surely. The last time this kind of schism happened mentally there was too much done too soon. I’m not making that mistake again. Everything has to be manageable and sustainable right now in order to move forward.

Then, it’s all about finding the right spot to work. This morning should be e-mails, but having just read back one in draft that’s probably a task better left until I am awake. If it takes me ten minutes to work out I wanted the word ‘vindication’ in that last paragraph, we should probably not try to take on anything too stressful.

Know your limits, people.

There’s a lot changing, very fast indeed, and I’m not the only person having trouble keeping up. That’s the post here: we all gotta think faster, be smarter, look closer. If I had three words to say to myself? They wouldn’t come from a commercial standpoint. My worth entirely depends on not being beholden to other things, I cannot control. My worth comes from myself.

I am strong. I am capable. I will change. I will adapt. I know kindness. I see oppression. I will grow. I will alter. I am altering. I think deeply. I care greatly. I adapt sensibly. You are sensitive. You are strong. You’re an energy. You are unique. You are different. You are Human.

I get the point of redefining marketing. Perhaps the bigger issue is that marketing has defined us for too long.

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