Lonely Soul

At time of writing, that tweet’s been interacted with over 35,000 times. Of the seven people who responded (that’s a woeful ratio) over half of them turned up to be ignorant, stupid twats. I know there will people who’ll look at my sample size with disdain, but I’d say that’s a pretty good barometer for life right now. Over half the people you interact with outside your circle are out to bury you.

Life is all about balance, after all.

I spent a joyous couple of hours this week effectively halving the number of Twitter Lists I was placed on: a list does not require the person to follow you, and they are pretty useful for keeping an eye on people in a certain industry. I’ve borrowed somebody else’s Diversity list and it has lead to me following a great number of incredibly educational, decent people. However, like it or not, in a certain light it can and does look like stalking.

How is it possible to identify this more clearly? Lemme give you an example: when your Listee is the only person subscribed, and you are the only person he’s watching? Yeah, I’d say that was a red flag. Of course, there is the means by which people can make private lists and you’ll have no idea you’re on them. I know that a couple of people who seem to still labour under the apprehension we’re somehow friends have a few of those.

I still see you, and your manipulative behaviour. Fuck you.

When your Government clearly doesn’t give a fuck about the procedure, you know everybody is in the shit. I refuse to let my standards slip however. Keep curating, keep pushing and most importantly keep on top of the workload. Talking of which, think I’ll go out for a walk shortly and get my head further around the process of editing fiction for Patreon…

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