Cricket continues to accept it has a lot to do in tacking racism, and it will further the cause a great deal that ex-cricketers are prepared to open themselves on camera to exposure. The stories that ultimately drive change are those which show our humanity in different light, either good or bad. The common denominator in so many of these situations, ultimately, is white people as the bad guys, which like it or not we are.

Stories like this will not just show how to empower yourself, but will demonstrate that actions that remain inherently sexist or racist, or simply involve one person wanting power and control over others, retain the potential to empower everybody. What white people are fantastic at doing is attacking others for inertia, whilst not doing a fucking thing for themselves.

You see it every day on social media: hell, I watched it yesterday taking place in a video game. Let’s make some cheap jokes about gender reassignment because, to us, the white boys and girls who only see two genders, it’s easy low-hanging fruit. I can look funny and smart without even having to get out of my gaming chair. Newsflash, Trash: this is not the world you went into Lockdown in.

An awful lot has changed without you even realising.

I’ll grant you, it will take time for the validation models to alter across all areas of society. Some will undoubtedly remain ridiculously intractable for all eternity, but if we look at what history has forgotten in the last hundred years, we can but home some of this inactivity will be irrelevant anyway. The fact remains, it is time to look long and hard at your role models.

If your idea of change is pretending nothing is going on before sticking both fingers in your ears? It’s a great look. You keep doing you. It’s your feed, say whatever you want… except, increasingly, do not expect other people to listen if those opinions are unpalatable. Please, DO use your feed to start asking questions, or sharing the knowledge you discover for yourself.

Never forget, every day is a school day.

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