The Day Before You Came

As of today, you’re going to be reading blogs I’ve written the night before, probably for the rest of July. This is because I need to make space for editing the fiction that will become part of Patreon’s new content going forward. Tier details will alter this week. I hope I can encourage a few new people to come on board as a result.

I have a MASSIVE To Do list this week. Most of it is essential and a fair portion of it remains an overhang from last week. However, it would be a lie to say that this is not forward, because that is exactly the case. Having the space within myself finally to relax into is beginning to feel more normal. It was a 1000 calorie day yesterday. I still had energy.

This is undoubtedly the right path to be riding.

Today, I get to practice these things a bit, probably with some walking thrown in, because after two days straight on the bike my arse needs a day off. I have a quite large selection of Zoom meetings this week too, which means organising a number of things in advance. Most significantly however I’m committing to some unscheduled submissions with existing work.

I’ve written quite a bit of stuff during Lockdown, and now it is time to find space to use it all. Undoubtedly a portion will go to my Patreon and the LANzines, and that’s the other part of next week: planning a path forward from August to November. I am already planning to take December off because honestly, without a big holiday this year, I will need that time off.

Then, not gonna lie, will be making time for this. I do love my ancient Egyptian history. This genuinely is exciting stuff.

Lots to do before then, though.

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