Down Down

The plan, such as it is, goes really rather well. The perennial fly in the ointment remains my brain, which does really enjoy fucking with me at 2am at present. It’s because I go to bed before the rest of the house, who have always been night owls, so they’re all into Alpha Sleep and I’m lying, staring at the ceiling with discomfort.

Last night however, it was really rather useful. A lot of stuff was put back in place. Progress was made on various projects, and the realization made that, like it or not, some stuff remains out of my hands. I gotta stop worrying. Impossible ask or realistic growth choice? Bit of Column A plus lots of Column B, I reckon. Worth redoubling efforts?


I follow a lot of artists on Twitter, and there’s been a bit of beef over the last few weeks around reach and exposure. The fact remains that success comes in roughly two varieties: those who did very little work but got lucky, and everybody else. Talent, being the subjective part of the equation, really doesn’t factor into it. You can be immensely talented and never see success.

It’s why that word need to stop being interlinked with wealth and influence: success should be measured in personal validation and nothing else. If you’re happy with the outcome of your work, that’s what matters above everything else, in the end. It’s why you see people in places you’d never expect to find them, immensely happy going nowhere and achieving seemingly very little. Their satisfaction starts with them.

It’s a mindset I really wish more people possessed.

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