Cough, Cough

It is becoming apparent I can still be who I was at the start of 2020. There was some thought given to the idea the ‘old’ me would need to be retired for good, because it was becoming impossible to be heard. Then, yesterday, an important online epiphany took place. This was never about me. That’s the point to so many things that only just registered.

When I am truly honest and authentic, people listen. However, when I enter other people’s conversations and suggest a contrary opinion to the one they are expounding, dynamics changes. A conversation yesterday in which I did this was, on reflection, created as a speech and absolutely did not invite disagreement.

This happens a lot when I challenge people in a certain age group. It happens even more when men are involved. ‘This is my statement of why X is wrong and you will not argue’ has become a stance on Twitter that I never get tired of picking to pieces. It’s the people who expect to be heard, respected and never challenged because they are in charge.

We all know someone like this in our timelines.

I am really enjoying rocking up into other people’s conversations at present. If it’s on Twitter, it’s a public forum, and I am absolutely allowed to be involved. Unsurprisingly, this often does not go down well. I have a job to do however, and it is high time I got on with it without the constant concern that I am somehow not worthy or qualified enough to do so.

This is my aesthetic going forward, and I love it.

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