Samuel L Riddim

Those paying attention will have noticed no blog yesterday. This was intended. Friday was the most stress experienced since Lockdown started, culmination of a remarkable amount of circumstance which has been approaching for some time and that was completely unavoidable. The consequences of this have been… well, [wrinkles nose] unexpected.

I have trained for events before, there had been effort expended to get fit. However, being introduced to Group exercise has changed the way in which I perceive and consume instructional effort. Tomorrow I am week six into a twelve-week bike training plan and am already planning to start a fresh plan when it’s done.

The change, undoubtedly, is in me and my brain’s ability to cope with progress. My reintroduction into group exercise (and its sudden loss in March) forced a bit of a rethink over how my cardio portion of events was conducted. Once I’m back with a PT on Wednesday, the much-needed bridge between weights and cardio is fixed. I really don’t need classes any more.

I suspect in that regard I will not be alone.

I’ve also noticed a distinct improvement in other things over the last couple of weeks, having reined in my sugar addiction from the dependency I had during the last few months. Skin condition is ultimately far better. I am able to work harder. The stress-related migraines however are of some concern, especially as I suspect that’s telling me I’ve cut back a bit too much.

Balance however is coming. Slowly but surely, everything is falling back into place. Once we get into next week, lots of other things come into play. I’ve submitted more in the last eight weeks of this year than took place in the first five months. This is progress, and every time I say that we move inexorably closer to my goal of just being happy.

Today’s a decent step in that direction.

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