Yesterday was a blockfest, with added muting across a lot of my timeline. What I continue to find disturbing isn’t that other people don’t pick up the cues that they’re actively promoting the behaviour that they erroneously believe they are condemning, but that they’re not able to work that out for themselves. The lack of understanding over how social media works is staggering.

You really don’t understand this at all, do you?

Social media companies need you to engage with other people. It is the fundamental principle of how this all works. I’ve seen people’s graphs on how using TikTok has quickly and effectively pulled in new audiences. It’s seductive enough right now for me to be looking at the app and considering an entrance, and I am ABSOLUTELY the last person you’d ever expect to go there.

All content is relevant as a result, even the hateful stuff… in many cases, especially that, because it picks up traffic from both supporters and detractors. Both sides do a pile on, for different reasons. As long as people use the site to do something, it doesn’t matter what that is. That’s the key here, engagement is profit. It grants the fuel for Trending and gives online news organisations filler stories when there’s no news.

Except now, of course, people are using reach to create their own news.

Lewis as a brand is totally lit right now, and with a performance like this… well, it only gets better. This tweet therefore is notable for a number of reasons. F1 aren’t likely to flag for use of broadcast content without a licence: this guy is a brand ambassador. Most newspapers may well struggle to be able to shove actual footage on their sites, making this tweet valuable in many ways. Crucially, third parties can’t remove his dialogue from it.

Here is a man who totally and completely grasps what he is capable of doing, and is pushing for change. THIS is the kind of content EVERYBODY should be promoting, and yet the drop off from Black Lives Matters proves that most people in power want to remain so, and therefore have no intention of passing the mic any time soon.

If you promote people’s hate agenda, you are part of the wider issue.

There are more than enough fights going on in the world over disparity and power as it is right now, without actively contributing to any more via stupidity. Picking the right ones to be involved in shouldn’t be hard, but beware of spreading yourself too thinly. It’s always better to focus on what you’re good at than try and learn on the hoof.

For me, that means focussing on what I know most about which in this case is how the Internet operates. I am building a brand with a steady decline in numbers, which tells me something is going well here. Maybe ascribing to someone else’s notion of success is the bigger issue. Find a niche and settle in. Respect the rules of common decency. Don’t make things worse.

Make every day a school day.

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