Burn the Witch

Yup, they really are. Cramps in both hands, because holding my body weight for extended periods of time is HARD. Nobody tells you this shit when they write the exercise guides. Nobody complains about how much it hurts, because that’s what losers do. The pain is real, and enough to put many people off. Understanding it is not bad pain but the indicator of progress, also not nearly talked about enough.

There is not an easy answer to anything, people.

Have you not grasped this yet?

Except, of course, that’s what lots of people just continue to do, day in and day out. No achievement, just sustenance. Also, all you people who keep wandering around with the notion that if you can find ‘the answer’, everything is sorted? Hate to break it to you, but life has never worked like that ever. Maybe this explains why everything is on fire.

My body won’t get stronger if there are weak links in the chain: having shitty hands is going to hold me back. They need to work, just like everything else, and when all the links are strong, stuff starts to happen. We all can see where there’s an issue in our lives like this, where something small stops us from moving forward.

Fixing those small things can and does alter everything for the better.

Things will change for the worse, undoubtedly, and are. It means that those capable of keeping these things alive and vital will become charged with sacred duties: uphold the importance of history, words that record it, which will always remind of the true and righteous struggles. Just because you are presented with setbacks does not mean there is no point in fighting.

Giving up is not an option here. The planet depends on us to be strong.

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