Low Mist Var 2. – Day 6

There is a lot coming up on ‘television’ in the months that follow that I have an interest in. This is both good and bad, because when I get distracted by TV or films, a lot of my work suffers as a result. It’s why I’m trying to keep my game playing to a minimum at present. Mainly, I need to be focussed on what needs to be done before I’ll allow myself a chance to kick back.

August was always gonna be a busy month. Fortunately all the significant submission work is done (and I sneaked a cheeky extra one for September in there as well) so all I’m now left to worry about is how everything else is done for Patreon. I have time to work on a vanity project too between Mental health Champion commitments as well. It’s all perfect.

Except the reality outside my sphere is anything but.

Yesterday was significant for a lot of things. I appreciate that we are now existing within a massively uncertain future, but hoping things will get ‘better’ is not really the best way to cope. You have to make your own luck, and push for change whenever it is feasible. So, it is time to let some things go, but at the same time focus on what can yet be achieved.

I let myself dream today I’d be good enough to win a £10,000 poetry prize. I have no doubt it won’t happen, but allowing yourself to believe these things can be possible is an important part of the growth process. It was also important to understand and grasp that certain things that would be great to happen really aren’t practical currently and it is time to move on.

What matters most now is making some money.

That means September will be filled with designing my own inaugural self-published chapbook: twenty poems on a pretty niche subject. It will be time to see if I can sell them to conjure some much-needed Christmas money, and to push myself into the realms of formal production. I might yet use this idea too for a bigger project, right now it’s a broad umbrella on Instagram for faffing about.

There’s lots of potential on the table, and I like it…

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