Nobody Wins

It is depressing, out there, even more so than has been currently the case. Yesterday evening therefore, when the US Democrats did the first sensible thing to have happened in several years, it was even more depressing to see people complain about the choice. Humanity does not seem to be grasping the seriousness of its situation here. Sometimes, it isn’t about the right choice, it’s that you’ve been given a choice at all.

It was like being back as a games journalist, when the major complaint when anything got altered would inevitably be ‘well, that’s not what I asked for’ which only went to prove, if it were actually ever needed, just how ignorant and short-sighted a lot of people truly were. We know this now quite easily: we can spot those people because they wear masks around their necks, or just over their mouths. Yes, I’m absolutely judging them.

Right now, being able to grasp real truths is a rapidly diminishing skill.

Nobody wins here, at all, going forward. Victories are only declared by those who believe that you somehow can declare a human being as illegal to fit your warped view of justice. True success is getting through the day with nobody getting sick, and with the second wave now very much on Europe’s mind, and US government basically pretending nothing is going on…

Nobody is right either, there are just those people who have grasped that the only means by which anything gets better is when people stop assuming what they want is important. What is NEEDED as a country/planet is not the same as what is needed as an individual, and there’s going to be some quite spectacular wake-up calls served in the upcoming months.

You wanna survive at all? Time to put on the Big Person Pants.

Not everything is as easy as wet shorts. You can work out the other shit that makes life easier when it’s hot: why can’t people work out how to deal with fascists? It’s not like there hasn’t been fascists before. This is not a new phenomenon. There have always been refugees too: you’d think by now those of us with freedom would realise why those without it will keep risking their lives to attain it.

Are people really that stupid to not work any of this out…?

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