What Have I Done to Deserve This?

I’m beginning to lose patience with Social media again. It will, undoubtedly, be the reason I never truly make it ‘big’ because I refuse, point-blank, to be the person who does it the way is either a) right or b) the way everybody else does. I am c) fuck you on every single answer when it comes to this game at present, especially to those people who turn up, realise I’m not here to help them, and fuck off again.

There’s a lot of that going on at the moment.

I’m seeing people belittle others with increasing frequency too, as if life has somehow become an exercise in making it your job to be righteous. Nobody is suggesting you can’t live your life in the way it matters to you, but if that means denying other people of help and support that might help them live better lives… that’s where you need to check your privilege.

This is faith. I know a lot of individuals would (and have) bristle at that use of the word. However, like it or not, if there’s something you believe and you cannot adequately either explain it to anyone else or it is an experience that you alone have gone through and it has fundamentally altered your outlook on life… well…

I have a number of friends who walk with a god. There’s not just one, as has been established in history, but quite a few flavours of religion. Their preferred faith is no different to those who look to the ancient teachings of Shamen or Druids for guidance. Everybody has a means to connect themselves to the here and now, the key to progress is accepting that they are ALL valid, in one way or another. You respect them all.

This also means the fascists, like it or not, have a facet of validity within them. Yes I really did type that because in a world where increasing numbers of people seem to care about nothing except themselves, hating people who are not in the image you ascribe as perfect is no different in a certain light to pronouncing other people’s lifestyle choices are unsound, based on your own prescribed beliefs.

The Universe however is far larger than you will ever be.

Once upon a time, validation was very important to me from other people. I know the exact moment when that changed, and in a certain light I could see how other people might consider that as a religious experience. Of course, because I have no idea of what that really is for anyone else, there is no benchmark to measure on… and yet, here I am, trying to do just that.

This is not about being right. This should never be about waving words around like vindication, except now everyone has a cause that they need to champion, a fight that needs to be undertaken. Not everything is a Holy War, except on Social media, where everything nearly always is. It’s exhausting, and at some point people are going to get hurt.

It will be mental health that ends up as the biggest casualty, without doubt.

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