Money for Nothing

The ‘cursed tweet’ reminded me of an argument, almost thirty years ago, on Usenet… you know, the place before the World Wide Web happened. Back then, Sociology was the bane of existence. You didn’t need to know how the World worked, just that you were trapped within it and that was that. The expectation was, as a young adult, that you’d pick a career that benefited society and not just yourself.

I wasn’t having any of that. I wanted to be a creative. Except, somewhere along the way, a lot of stuff happened and that part of me was lost. In the last three years, and after a phenomenal amount of pain and grief, this is an effective return to where I was at eighteen. The wrong choices were made back then. That will not happen again.

Fear will no longer destroy what I can become.

There are some stark choices coming up: the days of getting angry about everything must be put to one side, at least for the short term. It’s not going to be helpful, and when I watch how other people are doing their business right now… well, plenty of other people got the ‘incensed adult’ angle covered. I think perhaps I should lead with my own view, without all the hatred which is now largely absent from normal existence.

That means using my personal progress as a yardstick. Yesterday, for instance, felt eerily similar to the days before I scored my first publication: it’s a good sign, therefore, and should be used as a signpost for future effort. No, not everything will go right first time, and every issue that arises (as was the case yesterday) needs to be dealt with thoughtfully and with consideration.

It’s time to make some new plans going forward.

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