Let Me Go

I made a pretty rookie mistake last Friday: lifting without gloves has bruised some bones in my right hand. It also caused a minor niggle in my right shoulder during lockdown to become a major source of discomfort right through my arm, to said bruised bones, the result of which was three days of absolutely no sleep resulting in a significant drop of higher brain function.

The difference last night’s sleep made, plus a lie in, is like the difference between processed cheese and artisanal Stilton. Both are made from milk, but that’s where the similarity ends. Being back in actual ability again is glorious, and helped me fix a problem that I’d been working on for over a week to solve. Next up, after scheduled stuffs, we will set the website to rights.

Then I think it might be time for a second breakfast.

Today, as I am awake, it is time to finally fix the website back-end, to get started on some video editing and to finally work out what the hell I want to be doing in September, because yesterday booking my follow-up Physio appointment I realised two weeks from yesterday is the start of the month. The Patreon stuff is all sorted, of course, but privately there’s nothing really on the horizon, and maybe that’s the way it should work.

Perhaps, next month, it’s time to concentrate on getting as mentally capable as I am physically, and that will take a bit of planning in itself. For now, it’s lovely to not be stressing too much about anything in particular. That seems like a good idea to work on. However, there are things that need to be inserted into planning and, as a result, I need to start thinking.

At least that’s easier than it was yesterday.

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