All or Nothing At All

Yesterday was lost to reality. It wasn’t all bad.

There’s a bug in that picture, I assume on one of the three lenses. It is almost time to upgrade my phone again (yes, really has been two years) and yet again camera strength will be a significant factor in purchase. I have my eye on a Pixel 4, if truth be told, because having sold myself once to the corporate gods, it might be time to give it another go.

Yesterday was a brilliant day of photographs and fun. There was also a point where I was asked a question by someone and, for the first time in over three decades, I didn’t lie about the answer. An awful lot has changed this year, most of which has emerged from my own ability to deal with the consequences of my past. I may yet need to go back to counselling, however, but right now everything seems to be working out without that need arising.

In the meantime, apologies but this will be the last blog until Monday: there is simply too much RL this weekend to support online time, which might once have been a horror but is now really quite lovely. It’s also nice to be able to know I gotta be organised that far ahead of time to begin with. Next week is the last week of the Summer Holidays too and going back to school is… well, it’s gonna be interesting.

Whatever happens, I think we can cope.

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