You will be more than aware by now that I am not a big fan of sudden change. However, yesterday, summat came so far out of left field that it was largely impossible to have predicted. There are some shiny updates that are going to massively improve productivity and make life considerably easier all round, and the job now is to get everything back to working where it was, in order to capitalise.

The major change here is my graphics ability. I’d expected to need help in producing print documents going forward: both power and capacity exist now to do that myself. There’s also a video upgrade, which I can capitalise on starting next month. Everything else that I’ve had to hastily bundle aside is easily rescheduled. Really, this is all a bit of a triumph.

Except there is consequence. There always is. In this case that equates to a mental exhaustion that I suspect many people would recognise as having run out of emotional energy to get even the most basic stuff done like, for instance, this blog post. It has been taunting me all day because, like it or not, benefit in long term productivity requires a short term forfeit.

It doesn’t help that I worked my brain very hard today at the gym. Normally it’s just heavy lifting but today, lots of stuff was learnt new for the first time. I exceeded last week’s deadlift record. I know there’s more in me too, it’s just getting the form right and practising more lifting. That will happen again on Friday but for now there’s a static bike with my name on it… and a tough workout to complete.

There might also be a quick nap before I go to stick a bar on the internal batteries first…

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