Lippy Kids

I could have spent this weekend fretting, or working. Instead, I’ve rearranged my entire working area. A remarkable amount of stuff has been tidied, even more thrown away. The last six months of detritus that’s gathered is put aside before we start September. It’s as much a psychological move as anything else. There needs to be more space here to breathe.

I’m still not done either, one more day tomorrow and I should hit the mythical 5K MEP threshold. Failing now on Friday night doesn’t seem so much of a big deal, especially after tonight’s horrendous 40-minute interval close to FTP. It’s only two weeks now before I retest myself, and then the whole things starts again with a different plan.

It’s useful to have long-term goals, after all.

Tomorrow, we’ll break the back of the outstanding workload. Then, come September 1st, lots of things restart a little differently.

I’m really rather looking forward to where this will go.

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