Down Down

It’s been an interesting day, and having embraced daily exercise until something breaks, this is a decent mindset to exist in too. I have Patreon ready to roll, and hope to spend this week creating a LOT of content. Gonna go out for an early power walk tomorrow and see how far I can get, because doing this before the evening really is the way forward. There’s more chance of failure if I leave things until late, and if there is going to be survival during a) dark days and b) continued lockdown, there has to be a plan.

I have already lost muscle mass on the top half of my body, which was largely unavoidable, but starting tomorrow there will also be a concerted effort to get it back. All I can do is my best, and sweating over it is a waste of time. Therefore, as with everything going forward, its realistic timescales and not too much stress. Do what can be done, and then work out a way to make it better. Tonight that means press-ups in 12’s and not 10’s until that’s academic, and then we go to 14’s… and so on. Three lots of upper body a week. Keep the momentum up, and be realistic.

such as it is, remains this. I’ll cope, and manage, and we’ll make it work. This year, I am in control.

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