Stupid Girl

Some arguments are just not worth your time. I know someone shoved that video or think piece into your timeline as a gag, or just to show how other people are thinking but really, truthfully, you need to stop and think. Contributing to these things is, I realise, cathartic for a lot of people too. It gives a much-needed opportunity to rage in a (relatively) safe space. However, in the end, you need to be the better person. No, really you do.

There is, understandably, a phenomenal amount of anger on the Socials right now. It is the inevitable consequence of utterly divisive governance. What happens as a result of this is still to be concluded, and there are those of us waiting patiently for tomorrow to see how that whole impeachment thing goes. Those who stoked the fire will get their time in the furnace, of that I have no doubt, because some people have long memories and the actual political clout to make shit happen. Let’s hope that does indeed come to pass.

For now, if everyone stopped sharing divisive shit online, everybody would be happier, and I could stop feeling the need to share Bernie memes as a palate cleanser. Think I’ll be doing this for a while…

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