Scratchcard Lanyard

Written enough about exercise for a while. Poetry and prose are sorted elsewhere, I have a full diary and am right now excitedly waiting for the rebranding of my digital avatar, which is being produced by the lovely person who did the last one. Let’s talk about the details.

The lyrics to this song have done something magnificent to my brain, and I’ll be making this a playlist staple for years to come. A woman, in Aviators, firing a bazooka. That’s me, over there, doing just that. Bits of the normal routine are disintegrating without a thought. In their place are interesting new things. I’m gonna start recording new stuff too. Ko-fi allows me to post not only video but audio too. Gonna make real use of that going forward. It’s a good place when I have excessive ideas to work with…

The biggest single regret right now is a lack of photography, which is going to get worked on in February. I really miss taking the time to take pictures. So, we’re gonna plan places to go to and do just that. It will be lovely when, as will be the case in a few weeks, there’s sunlight until 5pm. When that happens, the literal window of photographic opportunity will open greatly. Once I’ve got this exercise goal out of the way (30 km a week until the end of March) a lot of other stuff will fall into place. For now however, I’m scoping out locations when I run.

For everything else, it’s the socials or a game of Freecell. Simple tastes, me.

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