Auld Lang Syne

Today would have been the birthday of someone who was a significant part of my life in my 20’s and 30’s.

He was Best Man at our wedding. We went to the US with us to go watch The Phantom Menace. He was a lodger in our house for several years and the year Lee Evans won the Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Award (1993 I believe) we spent a couple of weeks with him at the Festival. He was a singularly lovely bloke, and to have learnt of his loss is a considerable portion of my life summarily displaced. However, as I don’t do Facebook, and haven’t for quite some time, this is a loss I will consider from a distance as opposed to my Husband, who spoke to him daily.

It makes me think how these ‘things’ work out, because we parted on less than equitable terms.

A lot of my life from this period has been quietly thrown away. My husband and his mates were planning a reunion last year, but of course COVID got in the way. I’ve never really understood the importance of bringing people back together after decades apart to celebrate what is now the past. That person I was bears absolutely no resemblance to the person who’s sitting here, typing this, and it would be REALLY hard for me to go into a pub with these people and get drunk like I did back then. This guy was the one who wanted to get everyone back together too, and I think I know why.

Of course now, I will never know for certain.

I am really very angry right now. This guy absolutely did not deserve to die. Nobody with COVID should have been a casualty, but an entire generation will be scarred by loss, in ways too numerous to adequately record. For me, it is the reminder that life remains incredibly precious as a commodity, and taking it for granted is the most foolish thing you will ever do. Wear a fucking mask, wash your hands and don’t be a dick, because the person you could kill will be someone’s friend, and that loss need never have taken place.

Rest Well Stevie P <3

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