Who’s Sorry Now

Life is changing around me. It’s odd to not only watch, but perceive that alteration taking place. For instance, I guarantee you that without Harley Quinn, we’d not have a Disney villain getting a whole film to herself. The era of Empowered Women has been on the cards for a while, but the Disney/Fox merger really made it something special. Whether the stuck in the muds like it or not, refusing to embrace this change will become a liability for them because, like it or not, this is not the same world we lived in eighteen months ago.

They may be slow to change, but others aren’t, and it’s really beginning to show.

It staggers me what people post on Social media with absolute sincerity. It is almost as if a) they think their view of the World is the only one and b) they have no real grasp of anything else except what they know. It’s like those people who will undoubtedly look at that Emma Stone movie and decide that honestly, only a bunch of derivative tropes, when that’s all everything has ever been since the dawn of entertainment. You need to understand context, and motivation and so much more but mostly have to grasp that not all entertainment is yours to be critical of.

However, if you choose to intentionally ignore things you refuse to try and understand, there will be consequences.

This week I have learnt that things that rhyme get more tweets than those that don’t. Now, I could just ignore this and keep going my own sweet way, or I could learn from it. Guess which one I’m going to do.

You either want to progress, or you don’t.

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