The Sound of the Suburbs

Told you I’d be back, and yes this morning was just Stress à la Mode. Things that are bad enough without a Pandemic, just with added pandemic, and getting a 15-year-old motivated before 8am. All of this is now DUN. I have caffeinated and had chocolate and really, no excuse to not just run down the rest of the hill until Friday. There is a lot of negativity and anger I could write about too, but fuck that. Really, had enough of being dragged down by other people’s versions of reality.

Time to do shit differently.

A PHENOMENAL amount of content has been submitted this month. Very little is new, as it transpires, most of the work being existing content, repurposed, except there’s been some portions that have really vexed me. Selling yourself is hard work. I won’t know for some time if any of this was worthwhile or not either, which makes it even worse. For now, all I can do is hope for the best and that something hits the target. I understand why the rules exist, and why it is important to follow them. It doesn’t mean however they’re either a) correct all the time or b) applicable to everything.

I am reminded of the number of times whilst writing before this point where other people turned up with their own drama, but decided to make things my fault. What is done here is my business, if you’re offended it’s your problem and not mine. Similarly, if I complain about something, it is with the knowledge that my ability to alter that is largely dependent on how much of the thing there remains personal influence over. Moaning about other people’s entry criteria is pointless. If they only want a certain type of person in their club/spending their money/promoted in their brand, however good you are is irrelevant. If you don’t fit, that’s nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

Except, increasingly that’s no longer true.

Once you tick the standards box, and the content box, it is down to how your shit will sell. It’s that Hollywood staple, that once one person’s making a disaster film they’ll all do one to cash in on the other. It’s how repetition becomes a joke, after a while. New stuff is both edgy and inherently dangerous. Except, if truth be told, most people wanna retell old stories with their ideas of appropriate protagonists. It makes sense, because then everybody understands the motivation, and it can all then come down to your syntax and execution. Originality is becoming very hard to find.

The best I can hope for, ideally, is my own voice being heard and appreciated. That’s where we’re going to start, and then we’ll see how things go from there. Everything else, like it or not, depends too much on other people. At least here, that will never be a problem.

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