And So It Goes

This is gonna be a tough week. It has tooth extraction in the middle of it for my daughter, and external PT at either end. I need to finally knuckle down and start eating better, and today was a decent start to that plan. On top of all of this is the realization that I have probably failed to be taken seriously again as a poet in a bunch of new places. However, the work is undoubtedly improving and that is never a bad thing.

EVERYTHING is going to hurt tomorrow, but I also have a new set of weights arriving, allowing me to do a lot more work at home. With no idea whether normalcy is coming or will indeed be staying, it seems like a good idea to finally be prepared, and it will be lovely to be able to do some proper exercise away from the Gym. In the end, it’s all future-proofing. I wish I’d been organized enough to do this a year ago.

There is plenty to do to keep me busy. All I can do now is wait.

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