All the Love in the World

It’s going to be a bit of/slightly more of [delete where applicable] a cesspit on Twitter until The High Overlord makes his first change to the playground rules. Until then, if he was worried that nobody would talk about him, that’s fixed for the foreseeable future. Given the choice between spending my money on making people like me or ending World hunger… I know which one I would have picked. I really don’t give a fuck what people think most days. That’s how you work smart online.

In the meantime, my side hustle in Advocacy, after what’s about five years of pushing, is finally beginning to become Important. I have a meeting Friday for which handouts have been made. I’ve spoken to more people by text message in the last 48 hours than I’ve probably managed in the last three years combined. It has absolutely been a transformative experience, and there is so much to learn that I could be at this for the rest of my life. Let’s hope so, shall we?

The plan here is to not do more than three paragraphs a day, so the drip of news is manageable, and I can keep momentum going. Until such times as they ban me, there’ll also be a Tweet as the only image. This seems like a good balance of ancient and modern going forward. Lord knows I could do with more writing practice along with the poems. It’ll be a measure of progress, and my ability to be succinct under pressure. Now, where’s that second cuppa?

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