Still Alive

We managed two days, and then Friday happened with probably the most important thing of my professional career thus far, as the flashpoint. Therefore, I forgive my slip up and am both kind and understanding to myself. It always takes time to re-establish a new system. I am notoriously shit at doing it too, this should never be a surprise. We will regroup, and start again.

There is a phenomenal amount of Stuff happening. I had someone ask for a bio yesterday for a Poetry Submission I’m reasonably certain no-one actually told me I’d been successful in. That’s a new one, and I have absolutely no idea exactly how many poems that means were accepted from my original document. Everyone around me seems to be either starting a journal or a publishing press. It’s proper bonkers, but in the best possible way.

I have my own plans. They are still in the planning stages, but will be reasonably awesome. Or, at least, I hope they will be. The end result will use sharing, video and audio, because these are all things I can use and be comfortable with now. Also, it’s cheaper than renting out a venue, and my audience potentially is 5 billion people. What’s not to like about that?

Watch this space.

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