I overslept this morning, and it was GLORIOUS. Waking up after a dream I was able to seed in my own head hasn’t happened for a while, and it was welcome and enjoyable relief to be able to shift away from the difficult portions of an often problematic subconscious. It also means there’s a bit of a joyous hangover to my entire day as a result. That’s been helped by getting close to a new PB on my bench pressing…

Then there was that email. When you write work that’s strong, it is useful to know that’s the case, implicitly, in your own head. When someone else comes along and confirms that? GREAT DAY IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. This is, it appears, a bit of a purple patch for work right now. This won’t last forever either, as inevitably it never does, and so it’s time to make the most of the sunshine and work hard with what’s here.

There will now be a LOT of hard work.

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