Please forgive me, for it has been over a week since my last personal blog.

There are a LOT of reasons for this, and all of them revolve around poems. Today, however, I put that all aside and did some work on my soul. Running is my new Thing, but instead of allowing it to be weaponized like everything else has in my life, for one reason or another, we will not talk about it at all, but do it and make ourselves feel a lot happier about everything as a result.


This is the last Summer Holiday of a school aged child. Youngest is 18 in March. Eldest is 22 in October. I think I am now allowed to feel a certain amount of relief. Of course, the fear and concern never ends, but it wasn’t a total disaster. Yeah, some bits I’d like to erase for good, but that’s life. You don’t get it all your own way.

Anyhow, back to trying to be regular in correspondence next week as, in good time, there will be a MAJOR step forward in Life Goals [TM]

Watch this space.

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