Standing in the Rain

This time, I’m just going to promise myself, ‘update when you feel up to it’ :D

Once upon a time, I wouldn’t have cared about the dangerous precedents being set in the wider world by people whose idea of difference is wearing anything other than M&S underwear. Now, it’s my job to keep the brain sharp and the focus trained. It does mean, of course, that my own life does seem to take a bit of a back seat… except, in the last couple of weeks? It hasn’t. A LOT has become clear.

I’ve always known I was different, for the longest time. How that now is dealt with and worked around is becoming a VERY interesting project. I know what is doable, and what will have to be accepted as unworkable, too. Am I bothered I can’t have everything I want? Not really. Unless this derails my current progress, which is very much forward, my subsidiary needs can very much go unsatisfied.

Talking of forward…

Had completely forgotten I signed up to a new Poetry Thing which starts on Monday evening. Next week is quite full on too, with dentistry and a mammogram (routine, hopefully) and a lot of work that I’ve done in the last week going out into the world for no other reason than this is how you get people to notice you nowadays. On that front, the video is going VERY well. No, I’m not about to hit 100 subscribers any time soon, but I am halfway there.

It is time to make hay before the drought is officially announced.

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