This is the Sea

Normally, I’d tweet the following. Today, I am going to see who comes, looking.

Yesterday, I had my first session with a Mentor. It was, to be fair, exactly as I expected it would be. The pivot I was handed on a piece of work I knew full well wasn’t good enough to succeed has, I realize now, totally sent it in the correct direction. It is extremely doubtful that this conclusion would have been reached alone. What I’ve paid for has offered an immediate and damning dividend.

Its first pass edited now, and looks nothing like it did before. Instead, I’m now in every single word: anger and contempt, easily viewable in the white space, if you know where to look. If you want to know what that means? There’s an article by Kim Moore in Poetry Wales that explains it for you. The difference between a narrative and a compelling story is all in the perspective. Shift your focus, expose the hidden.

My mentor says poetry is a recipe. I think it’s time travel.

I know how important the next month will be for my professional life. With the glacial pace of progress, there will be some real frustration that Things are Not in My Control. That’s why there is a second pivot, and that exercise is going to be how we make this month workable. Thus far, the results are significant. The comfort this is granting me cannot be understated.

Reading new poetry by other people every day is also helping. Knowing there’s feedback on my choices makes it interesting too. All of this, does a job.

It keeps me sane.

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