Lost and Found

I will look back on this week, in a year’s time, knowing how important it was for everything I became. A body is moving into shape. The requirement to fuel properly has become massively important. I can’t send things away to people and assume automatic failure any more. Most importantly of all, my voice is constant.

It is finally possible to separate mental and physical fatigue, and today the thing that made the difference wasn’t the lack of exercise, but a step away from challenge. Every day does not need to be a win. If truth be told, some need to be nothing except care. There are still not enough self-care days.

This is not a world I recognize in a lot of ways, either. Walking around my ‘home’ town today, I felt like an actual alien being, existing in different spaces, with new names. There are new friends too, but a reassuring number of old ones. This is a really sound place to be. Also, whatever happens, next month is another previously unexplored frontier.

I am really looking forward to sharing the journey ahead.

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