The Ninth Wave

There’s the Advert out of the way, and now there is this almost overriding desire to run away. I knew it was coming, but we’re here now, so no avoiding it. It’s time to lean into the life I spent this long working towards and am now not quite sure is wanted any more, because this is how fear and anxiety balance themselves with progress.

It’s easier to not lie about this and lay it all out, because once upon a time I was a compulsive liar. Nothing good comes from it. People get hurt, and in the end reality demands me to be objective. I am back at the start of another, new life. There are, again, pieces of my previous existences that need to be shed, and they are.

There is a more than reasonable chance that when Musk finally gets his hands on Twitter on Friday, the whole social media landscape will alter forever. I’m in so many places now, I’ll never ever vanish. The reality of this moment is staying where the people are, because that’s your audience. I’m not making good enough use of that. I have to be everywhere.

That means TikTok is now on my phone. It means Mastodon will have content on it going forward and, like it or not, I gotta get into making YouTube shorts for poetry. All these things need work, and I am ready for it all. For now however, I gotta get some washing out and make the most of late October weather. Global warming, eh?

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