Not a Job

The first order of business, after I’ve written this, is to go sort out the WiP page, which has remained untouched for about four months. A lot has happened in the intervening period, most of which needs better narrative accompaniment than is currently the case. 2023 already has a publication in it for April, and a podcast appearance coming up, and an Open Mic scheduled, and I’m only three days in. SCENES.

Now Twitter’s stopped being my home and become a job, and Mastodon’s till too scary to use with comfort, there needs to be somewhere else so, here it is. I can send people here, and then they have to make an effort to engage, it’s not served up to them in an app. Part of me thinks this is the future, AGAIN, because it forces people to activate their own agency. It’s not just a video game click and point. That’s where we are now.

I also made the important mental connection last year that if I don’t have an outlet for my trauma responses, they simply consume me from the inside out, and this is neither helpful nor productive. So, 2023 will see me being honest. It’s nothing to do with you and everything to do with me, and that means finding the method by which this is correctly regulated. Poetry was how we did it last time. It seems to be working quite well again.

The more observant will notice that a lot more is regulated, too, going forward. I have my reasons. When I’m ready to share, I will.

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