I Go To Sleep

or at least I will, once I’ve kept up the promise of posting here. Week 1 has been largely triumphant. Of all the achievements, the most satisfying of all is inevitably the quality of my poetic output, which has been significantly nurtured by sympathetic writing spaces. There have been some totally top-draw pieces in the last three days, one of which has already gone to contest.

I have no illusion over the success or otherwise of my output any more, but it does matter to keep throwing the missiles at targets, and so that’s where we are right now. Eventually, something significant will stick. I know this because I’m consistently scoring 6 and 7 now. With more practice, the 10’s will come. That’s all it is too, finding the right combination of words to stick in the minds of the many.

In the meantime, it helps I’m the fittest I’ve ever been.

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