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  • Duet


    To prepare myself for going away, I’m writing this on my iPad. The WP app has always been notoriously flaky, and as it took three goes to load this after logging in, it is reassuring to see not much has changed in the five or so years since I did this last. I wrote two…

  • If I Could Write Poetry

    If I Could Write Poetry

    Honestly, you shouldn’t even try.

  • Pray


    I overslept this morning, and it was GLORIOUS. Waking up after a dream I was able to seed in my own head hasn’t happened for a while, and it was welcome and enjoyable relief to be able to shift away from the difficult portions of an often problematic subconscious. It also means there’s a bit…

  • Tell me on a Sunday

    Tell me on a Sunday

    Tonight, I had what will have been one of several epiphanies this week. It revolves around a particular poet, whom I have a tenable yet tenuous association with, and how I’ve allowed myself to get obsessed over their level of success in relation to my own. It’s not healthy. Measuring yourself against someone else is…

  • Grace


    Writing poems in the morning’s not going badly of late.

  • In My Head

    In My Head

    Real life events have hit me hard this week. There’s been conversations about both ends of Motherhood. My exercise routine has pretty much turned on its head. There’s a new poetry course started too which is already presenting some interesting possibilities to brain and progression. It’s good when you can say you’ve done your best…

  • Fast As You Can

    Fast As You Can

    Today has had a lot happen in it. By far the most important part of that is that instead of being distracted by social media, other things have taken place. Instead of being dragged into things I cannot change or alter, I used time to write poetry instead. Five poems have been sketched to first…

  • Hit Me Baby One More Time

    Hit Me Baby One More Time

    Today has been full on, and I’m not done yet. As I type this, I’m waiting in a Zoom space for an Open Mic/Poetry Reading to start. I have a lot to think about as well. There is so much going on, most of which is really difficult to explain, but that’s not necessarily the…

  • Last Train to Trancentral

    Last Train to Trancentral

  • Paranoid Android

    Paranoid Android

    Well, that was a fucking ride. I’ll be back to normal eventually. For now, there’s a LOT to think about…